In today’s world, security in the business needs to top-of-mind. You’ve seen the articles about computer network breaches like Target, Home Depot, etc etc. In these cases, hackers were able to breach the security that was put in place and they stole customer information that was stored on the network. This put the reputation of the companies at risk which for a small business, could be catastrophic.

Giving your WiFi password to guests is like giving them the keys to the store.

We frequently go to restaurants, bars and other venues and we’re freely giving the password to connect to the WiFi system. This allows us to browse everything on the network including point-of-sale systems, printers, credit card machines and back-office systems. In addition, we can “see” other guest devices that are connected to the network. THIS IS BAD!

Most off-the-shelf or ISP-provided WiFi equipment was not designed for guest access and hence, is extremely insecure. Even WiFi with the “guest access” features are designed for home WiFi systems where there may be shared printers or other shared resources. Offering WiFi as an amenity should not allow sharing between devices. It should offer the guest one thing and one thing only… controlled Internet access.

If you’re handing out your WIFi password, you should immediately stop the practice, change the password and think about putting in Smart WiFi. Smart WiFi with device isolation helps secure your network and blocks devices from “seeing” each other. In addition, Metro GoWiFi gives you control over how much data speed your guests can use and it allows you to adjust the time that they’re allowed online.

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