What is a
Community WiFi Zone?

A WiFi Zone is a geographical area, typically a neighborhood, historic destination, a street, town square, or an entertainment district served by a group of Community Hosts (businesses) using our Smart WiFi controllers.

Key Benefits to the Community:

  • Free WiFi access to visitors of the Zone

  • Stronger sense of community between local businesses and their consumers

  • Consumers are more likely to linger in the coverage zone to maintain WiFi connection

  • Opportunities for local businesses to cross-promote their brand directly to consumers in the Zone

What is a

Community Host?

Hosts are businesses and attractions centers where Metro GoZone controllers are installed, broadcasting the MetroGo WiFi Community Zone.

Key Benefits to Host:

  • Peace of mind with Network Security features

  • Password-free, highly efficient WiFi that will save you time since you no longer need to give passwords to customers, reboot routers and troubleshoot

  • Free rotating ad visible to to all consumers who connect to the Zone’s WiFi network

  • Access to the powerful Metro GoWifi Dashboard to see information on your visitors

What is a
Community Sponsor?

Community Sponsors help support the infrastructure expenses to keep the cost low to Hosts. Generally 3 to 5 sponsors support each Community, depending on size.

Key Benefits to Sponsors:

  • Access to real-time powerful demographics metrics (age, income, gender, etc.) of visitors throughout the sponsored zone

  • Premium ad displayed in prominent location

  • Full autonomy to change your ad as frequently as you want to promote events, promotions or holiday messages… From our dashboard

  • Power to drive higher sales in the community

Sponsors are the heros of their business development district: They promote commerce and enable businesses visibility

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Who Should Start a Community Zone?

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Tourism Development Councils

  • Merchant Associations

  • Economic Development Councils

  • Conventions and Visitor’s Bureaus

  • Municipalities